Theses on Extrasolar Planets and Exobiology


  1. Imagerie des étoiles évoluées par interférométrie. Réarrangement de pupille
    PhD Thesis 2007, Université Paris Diderot [French]
    Full text
  2. Detection and Characterization of Exoplanets in Direct Imaging with IRDIS
    Arthur Vigan
    PhD Thesis - Université de Provence - Aix-Marseille I (08/12/2009)
    Full text
  3. Giant planet formation in the framework of the core instability model

    Full text Universidad Nacional d La Plata
  4. The search for exomoons and the characterization of exoplanet atmospheres
    Roma, MSc Thesis, 4 September 2009
    Full text
  5. Tools for discovering and characterizing extrasolar planets
    PAL A.
    Eotvos Lorand University (June 18, 2009)
    full text
  6. Terrestrial planet formation in exoplanetary systems
    Fogg Martyn
    27 megabyes
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  7. Imaging through the turbulence: phase retrieval and optimal centering

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  8. Caractères de planètes extrasolaires : des observations de planètes géantes en transit aux modèles de planètes de taille terrestre
    Ehrenreich David
    Paris, July 2007
    Full Text
  9. Stellar Companions to white dwarves
    Fergal Mullally
    Austin, August 2007
  10. Imaging evolved stars by interferometry; Pupil remapping
    Sylvestre Lacour
    22 January
    Full text
  11. Knowing Our Neighbors: Fundamental Properties of Nearby Stars
    Bartlett Jennifer

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  12. Detecting New Planets in Transiting Systems
    University of Washington
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  13. Detection and characterization of extrasolar planets using very high precision photometry and infrared interferometry
    Pascal Bordé
    Paris, 27 October 2003
    Full text (in French)
  14. The search for extrasolar planets: Study of line bisectors and its relation with precise radial velocity measurements
    Padova, Italia
    Full text
  15. Energy and Entropy for Extraterrestrial Life
    TINETTI Giovanna

    Full text
  16. Observational Tests of the Formation, Migration, and Evolution Processes of Gas Giant Planets
    Sozzetti Alessandro
    Pittsburgh, May 2005
    Full text
  17. Atmosphère des planètes extrasolaires géantes : un modèle d'équilibre radiatif
    Cédric Goukenleuque
    Université Paris VI
    full text
  18. Three Dimensional Orbits Determined Using Astrometric and Doppler Data. (Master Thesis)
    Heather Hauser

  19. Genetic Algorithms, Pulsar Planets, and Ionized Interstellar Microturbulence
    T. Joseph Lazio
    Cornell, May 1997
    abstract in PASP (sept. 1997)
  20. Binary Star Systems and Extrasolar Planets
    Matthew Muterspaugh
    MIT, July 6 2005
    full text